Organisational Development & Strategic HR Support

Ensure success by continually adapting and developing your organisation

Organisations are constantly evolving to meet ever-changing demands such as technological advances and competitor innovation as well as internal factors such as skill set adaptation and cultural or leadership change. To ensure continued success, organisations need to continually adapt and develop.

Magenta HR can support the continued development of organisations by working with you to identify business challenges and suggesting approaches to create alignment with strategic objectives.

Organisational metrics are often used to support this process:

Engagement Survey design, implementation and evaluation

Organisational restructure to fit with business needs

Performance and coaching programmes

Design and implementation of reward programmes

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Ashlie and her team offer great advice and have set up a great HR package for us. Nothing is too difficult from general advice to more specific issues and we are glad to have them.

Allison Barr, CEO, Team Jak Foundation

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If you would like to discuss how any of our organisation development services can benefit your business, please get in touch.