Immigration and Right to Work HR Services

With Brexit likely to end free movement, it is vital for employers to understand how domestic immigration law operates
Immigration & Right To Work Advice

Advice, training, license & application help, bespoke guidance & more

Immigration law is a complex, highly technical and ever-changing area of the law.   If you have a global workforce or wish to employ a non-EU citizen, you must at all times be fully compliant with UK immigration law as the penalties for non-compliance can be severe.  An employee can lose their right to live and work in the UK due to a mistake made by their employer.  Further, an employer can face a civil penalty of up to £20,000 per worker where they are caught employing someone illegally. 

With Brexit likely to end free movement, it is very important for employers to understand how domestic immigration law operates in order that they can meet staffing needs from outside the EU if they cannot do so from the local workforce.

HR Immigration & Right To Work Services

Advice, training, license and application help, bespoke guidance and more

Immigration training

we can provide bespoke immigration training on any immigration issue including, non-sponsored visa routes, point-based system tiers and Sponsor compliance.

Challenging a civil penalty

We can provide advice on how to challenge a penalty and can assist draft objections to the Home Office.

Brexit immigration advice

We can tailor our packages to meet your organisation’s needs. Services include one-to-one sessions with individual staff, group information sessions and access to an ad hoc advice line service.

Right to work queries

We can assist you with checking an individuals’ right to work in complex cases, ensuring compliance with GDPR and understanding employee’s work restrictions.

Sponsor licence applications and renewals

We can assist you obtain a sponsor licence promptly and smoothly.

Sponsor licence maintenance services

We can review your policies and procedures to ensure you are complying with your Sponsor licence duties.

Sponsor licence crisis management

Contact us if you have been served with either a suspension or revocation letter.

UKVI Audits

We can help you prepare for a Home Office audit

In common with many small businesses, maintaining specialist support departments in-house is just not viable. Working with Magenta HR provides us with the specialist HR support we need when we need it, helping us to look after our most important resource, our employees. The team at Magenta HR fit easily into our business and have been able to offer support extending beyond the initial review, updating and ongoing support of our HR processes. Great to work with.

Mark Casson, Finance Director, House of Hearing

If you would like to discuss how any of our immigration services can benefit your business, please get in touch.